A Cleaner Greener Way To Dig

Our company is your number one source for hydro-excavating, high pressure jetting and CCTV service.

We work with a variety of businesses from condo associations and gulf courses to city and county municipalities and utility companies such as FPL, in a wide range of services.

Home owners may utilize our service for cleaning their storm drains and catch basins in front of their homes to do their part in keeping the flow of storm water moving in the right direction and not backing up into their or their neighbor’s yards.

Property management companies may use our service in much the same way but on a larger scale. We can clean catch basin and storm water lines for properties both large and small. If there is a possible breach in a storm drain we can locate it in most cases with our camera system and identify what action will need to be taken to correct the issue. We also utilize our vac truck in repairing main line drain and water breaches on properties. In most cases the onsite water and drain distribution of a condo property is private and the responsibility of the association. We work tirelessly to repair the issue as fast as possible to keep the cost down.

Golf courses utilize our equipment to assure proper drainage of their storm water systems. We have the ability to move our truck through the sensitive golf course areas without causing any damage. We utilize our track mats so that we leave no footprint when traversing the area.

We work with utility companies such as FPL and city and county municipalities to perform an operation called a soft dig. This procedure is to locate possible issues that are in the ground prior to the setting of new Power poles. By utilizing the vac truck we are able to safely remove the ground in the area without disturbing other utilities that may be in the area and mark or relocate them so that they are not damaged when the new poles are set.

We work with local municipalities when emergencies arise. We are part of the emergency management on call system when storms are threatening. We are available with our vacuum truck to help alleviate sewer systems and storm water systems when needed.

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