Hydro Excavating & Exposing Utilities


Hydro Excavating—The excavator uses High Velocity Water Jetting and our vacuum truck to excavate varying types of soil, working well with ground that is hard and compact. Hydro excavating, commonly used for slot trenching, potholing and pipe location, is less invasive; therefore, causing less damage to fiber-optic lines, cables and utility pipes.

Exposing Utilities—Our company utilizes the CCTV system and the hydro excavating system to safely uncover underground utilities with minimal risk of damage to fiber optic, gas and water lines.

We work with utility companies such as FPL and city and county municipalities to perform an operation called a soft dig. This procedure is to locate possible issues that are in the ground prior to the setting of new Power poles. By utilizing the vac truck we are able to safely remove the ground in the area without disturbing other utilities that may be in the area and mark or relocate them so that they are not damaged when the new poles are set.