Lake, Retention Pond & Ditch Servicing


Lake, Retention Pond and Ditch Servicing—our pumps will drain a normal size retention pond to expose clogged and backed up inlets and outlets for thorough cleaning and debris removal. These access pipes are scoured by our High Velocity Water Jetting Process, restoring retention ponds and the accompanying drainage to maximum efficiency. We collect the water and silt in a catch basin returning only clean water to the pond and using our vacuum truck to collect and remove the accumulated silt and debris from the work site.

Well-points—This is a process allowing us to dig and shore up areas where deep holes need to be dug. We begin 24-48 hours in advance and install our well point system which runs and removes the groundwater from the area thus drying the surrounding terrain and making it safe for digging; allowing us to install shoring and eliminating the infiltration of ground water into the work area.